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    Longest day of the week for school

    …is only on Thursdays. The rest of the 5-day week is 4 hours. SLEEP.

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    Good luck Hannah! I think Spanish is easier than French, so I suggest start with that. Good luck

    Thanks!! I took 3 years of French in highschool but don’t remember much of it.

    3 years is a long time! French is so cute and it’s really fun learning a new language. Why do you want to learn both French and Spanish?

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    I haven’t made a text post in so long!
    First, I’m getting a new MSI gaming laptop soon, so I’m going to be making loads of text posts. Receiving a game laptop, though I’m no gamer! It’s just fancy and better than a MacBook, which I had the same budget, so I would rather get this laptop. The keyboard lights up 3 different colours (which is fully customisizable), and it dances to the rhythm of music! And the laptop itself looks fabulous. So I’m getting it around next week, so I’m stoked!

    — 1 week ago